Chests are perhaps the most enduring form of furniture for storing people’s most treasured possessions. Used by brides, seafarers, craftsmen, explorers, soldiers and pirates, chests have an almost mystic quality because of the stories which surround them.

Built with quarter-sawn timber for extra stability, chests are a very traditional example of the wood-worker’s craft. They feature hand cut dovetails, the ultimate woodworking joint, brass fittings, and inside they can be personalised with trays and secret compartments.

An interesting civic project was the provision of 12 large chests for the Heritage Lottery funded Temple of Minerva Visitor Centre in Bath’s Botanical Gardens in Royal Victoria Park. Six open sided chests of oiled Scots Pine line two sides of the room. Six more chests made from Oak, Ash, Beech, Yew, London Plane and Elm have drop down doors to access the storage space within.

As you will spend approaching a third of your life in bed, it makes good sense to have a bespoke bed crafted to meet your individual requirements. The results can be very special: beautiful beds which will give you years and years of pleasure and comfort. Think of Odysseus and the bed he made from an ancient olive tree.

Beds and chests make perfect presents for weddings, anniversaries and special occasions.

  • King size bed in English oak
  • Nice wedding present
  • Oak headboard
  • Oak bed
  • Carved headboard
  • Ash cot for new arrival
  • Ash cot
  • Ash cot
  • Yew chest in Bath's Botanical Gardens
  • Scots pine chest
  • James Dawson Furniture Maker, Bath
  • Yew chest
  • Friends of Bat Botanical Gardens
  • Yew chest detail
  • Oak blanket chest with dovetails
  • Ash 'tool' chest
  • Tool chest with detail
  • Oiled Oak shoe chest
Ash chest – dovetails detail